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Dr. Nalini Gupta

MBBS, MD, in Clinical Embryology From Leads, UK, and a senior fertility expert with over 30 years of experience

Dr. Nalini Gupta is a veteran in the field of reproductive medicine, fertility science, and assisted conception. Throughout her career, she has guided thousands of couples in their journey to parenthood, and with her assistance, over 4000 families have been able to have a child through various ART methods and fertility procedures such as IVF, egg freezing, sperm donor services, and other fertility medication and therapies.

She possesses extensive experience as a fertility specialist covering all the aspects of the treatment such as personal, professional, and clinical. Dr. Nalini employs a diverse and customized approach to each patient and has the ability to tackle the various obstacles that come during the fertility treatment of the patients.

Dr. Nalini operates in conjunction with multidisciplinary teams and prominent laboratories. Her team comprises of experts in various fields such as surgery, obstetrics, andrology, embryology, etc. The team of experts in the fields of subspecialty aids in providing personal and clinical care to the patient at each step of their fertility treatment journey.

Besides the ART treatment complying with international stands, Dr. Nalini Gupta also works with India’s first-rate providers of complimentary fertility therapies that include dieticians, acupuncturists, counsellors and more.

From the start to the end of the fertility treatment journey, the patient is given proper attention and care at each step of the treatment such as the initial consultation, medication and therapies, surgical procedures, treatments, and after-treatment care. With her education and experience, Dr. Nalini offers a holistic approach that is unique and the most effective in fertility care.

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Various Accomplishments of Dr. Nalini Gupta

Dr. Nalini has 30+ years of experience as a fertility specialist and has served more than 5000+ patients and 4000+ happy families. She has received 15+ certificates as a recognition of her excellent fertility services. Also, the success rate of fertility treatments at Dr. Nalini’s centre is one of the highest in India.

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    As per ICMR and PCPNDT Guidelines No Pre Natal Sex Determination is done at Delfinium Fertility & IVF Centre. As per ICMR and PCPNDT Guidelines Genetic Counselling can only be done in person.

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