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    Embryo Freezing – What is it?

    Also called embryo cryopreservation, embryo freezing is a method to preserve embryos for use at a convenient time with other fertility treatments. This gives couples the option to preserve the embryos so that they can be used later. It is becoming an increasingly popular fertility preservation option as it also allows the remaining embryos in the IVF treatment to be used again. This assures higher chances of pregnancies

    What is the process of Embryo Freezing?

    Advanced fertility treatments such as IVF or ICSI may lead to the overproduction of embryos since the woman’s ovaries are stimulated to release more eggs. The remaining embryos from the treatment can be stored for future use using a technique called embryo freezing. This way one can have many embryos saved without having to undergo the IVF cycle again. This can be a good investment if there is a failure of the IVF cycle, or the couples wish to get pregnant with another child in future.

    Ovarian Stimulation

    The embryo freezing process begins with the process of IVF in which the woman’s ovaries are artificially stimulated using medicines. This lead to the production and development of multiple eggs, which are then extracted during the egg retrieval process.

    Fertilising eggs

    The extracted eggs are then combined with the sperms in a culture dish. This combination leads to the formation of embryos, which are then kept for further days in the laboratory.

    Embryo quality

    The embryos are kept in the laboratory till they reach the blastocyst stage. In this time, the embryos are screened for their development and the quality of the embryos is also monitored.

    Embryo freezing

    For the leftover embryos that the couples decide to save, the embryo freezing process is done. Once the embryo is implanted into the woman’s uterus during IVF, the leftover embryos can be saved through embryo freezing. For this, only high-quality embryos are used for cryopreservation, and a solution is applied to them to prevent harm as they undergo the freezing process. The embryos are kept at a very low temperature.

    Embryo storing

    The frozen embryos are stored at a very low temperature, which is -196 degree Celsius. This low temperature helps preserve the quality and viability of the embryos for an indefinite time.

    In future, when the couple decides to use the embryos, the embryos are then thawed after checking their quality, and used in the fertility treatment. They are then transferred to the woman’s uterus, and medications are given to the patient to assure the successful attachment of the embryos to the uterine cavity of the woman.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Egg Freezing

    • How successful is embryo freezing?
    How successful is embryo freezing?

    Embryo freezing is the process of storing embryos for future use, so they can survive for an indefinite without any impact on their quality. However, not all embryos can survive the thawing process, which is done at the time of using them so that they can be used for implantation. The success rate of embryo freezing is almost 80%. Since most embryos can survive the thawing process and can be used for implanting into the woman’s uterus.

    • What to do with the remaining embryos?
    What to do with the remaining embryos?

    The IVF treatment often results in multiple leftover embryos since the ovaries of the woman are stimulated to produce multiple eggs. If you do not wish to freeze or store the remaining embryos, then you can leave them to the centre itself. The doctors may use the embryos for research purposes considering they are quality embryos or for the training of embryologists. Also, with your consent, the leftover embryos can be donated to needy couples, so that they can also try their chance at having a baby.

    • For how long can the embryos be stored?
    For how long can the embryos be stored?

    The embryos can be easily stored for up to 10 years without seeing any impact or deterioration of the quality of embryos. Also, the embryos can be stored and survive for 30 years as well, but that also depends on the quality and survivability of the embryos stored. The couples have to sign a consent form where they mention the time period for which they want the embryos to be stored.

    • What is the best age to freeze embryos?
    What is the best age to freeze embryos?

    The best age to freeze embryos depends on the fertility of the woman since women are most fertile before age 35. Freezing embryos at an early age lead to higher chances of pregnancy, whilst embryo freezing can also be done after age 35, but the chances of a successful pregnancy remain less as compared to that of an early age.

    • Is embryo freezing painful?
    Is embryo freezing painful?

    Embryo freezing can be an uncomfortable process since a lot of medications are given to the patient for stimulating the ovaries, but the process is not at all painful. There may be some temporary side effects of the medicines or discomfort experienced by the patient when going through the egg retrieval process, but the process is mostly bearable. After the egg extraction procedure, the role of the woman is done, and the rest of the embryo freezing process is left to the doctors and embryologists performing the embryo freezing process.

    • Is freezing embryos safe?
    Is freezing embryos safe?

    Embryo freezing is a safe process given that you are under the care of expert specialists that they how to safely conduct the process. There are many facets of embryo freezing such as the egg retrieval process, sedating the patient, using catheters, injections, etc. There is a possibility of some side effects or damage to the organs of the body, but when carried out carefully, there is nothing to worry about, as the chances of such mishappenings are less.

    Take the Last Step

    Once you are sure that you want the embryos frozen, then the next step is to consult with a fertility expert that can tell you more about the process. You consult with a fertility expert in person, through a video call, or on a simple voice call. The choice is yours, and we are here to assist at each step of your fertility treatment journey. All you have to do is just fill the given form with relevant information, and wait till you get a call from our friendly team. You can also dial us on +91 9599754411. We look forward to knowing about your fertility conditions and helping you with the same to the best of our ability.

    Looking for Freeze Your Embryo?

    Calculate Embryo Freezing Cost


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