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Freezing and Storing Sperms

Sperm freezing or sperm cryopreservation is the method to preserve sperm cells and save them for future use. This is the best way to preserve male fertility if the couple is not ready to start a family yet and schedule their pregnancy for a later date. There could be other reasons for preserving the sperms such as treatment of certain health conditions that may affect the male sperms, and thus, should be preserved beforehand.

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    What does the process of Sperm Freezing involve?

    Sperm freezing the procedure involves the collection and freezing of sperms. The sperm sample is stored for future use in various fertility treatments. The process of sperm freezing or sperm cryopreservation goes as:

    Testing and screening

    Before the man is asked to go through the sperm collection procedure, he has to first undergo some routine testing and screening, where he is tested for different conditions such as HIV, hepatitis, etc.

    Collecting sperm

    First, the male partner is invited to the clinic to provide his sperm samples. The sperms are then collected into contains given by the fertility clinic.

    Evaluating sperm

    The sperm cells collected in the container are then sent to the laboratory for the purpose of evaluating them for their count, motility, morphology, etc. This assessment helps decide the quality and survivability of the sperm.

    Adding solution

    The most motile sperms are selected for preservation, and a solution called cryoprotectant is inserted along with the sperm cells as it aids the process of preserving and freezing the sperms.

    Freezing sperms

    The sperms are then stored in the freezer and the temperature is controlled as the sperms are gradually frozen to ensure the protection and viability of the sperms.

    Storing sperm

    The frozen sperm cells are then stored at very low temperatures in order to stop further biological activity and make sure they remain intact till they are taken out for use at a later date.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Sperm Freezing

    • For how long can we freeze sperm?
    For how long can we freeze sperm?

    The sperm can be frozen and stored for an indefinite period. The duration for which it is frozen depends on the man who has consented to store his sperm for a particular time period. This period can be 1-10 years or maybe more. Also, one can withdraw their consent at any time if they want to use the sperm before the predetermined future date.

    • What is the success rate of using frozen sperm?
    What is the success rate of using frozen sperm?

    Not at all sperms survives during sperm cryopreservation, and there is always a risk of deteriorated sperms despite the technology used for freezing. However, most sperms survive through sperm freezing, thus making sperm freezing a successful treatment and a way to preserve sperms for future use. Given that only most motile sperm are kept for preservation, there are high chances of the fertility treatment used turning into success, provided that there are no other aspects negatively affecting the chances of pregnancy.

    • Does Frozen Sperm go bad?
    Does Frozen Sperm go bad?

    Frozen sperms can be stored for 55 years, but most commonly, 10 years is the longest time when couples agree to store the sperms and use them at a decided date. However, the sperm can be stored for more than 50 years whilst their quality remains intact with no deterioration, except for the harm that may be caused due to the techniques used for freezing.

    • Are frozen sperms better than fresh sperms?
    Are frozen sperms better than fresh sperms?

    Frozen sperm and fresh sperm are almost as good for use in different infertility treatments such as IVF or ICSI. Since freezing the sperms prevents their further biological activity, it is assured that the frozen sperms remain as effective the fresh sperms. In fact, freezing sperm is the best option for couples wanting to start their families at a decided time in future.

    • How long does sperm freezing take?
    How long does sperm freezing take?

    The sperms are frozen at a very low temperature, as low as -196 degrees Celsius. Before freezing the sperm, the sperm sample of the man is taken and then semen analysis happens for assessing and selecting quality sperm. The selected sperms are then frozen by slowly bringing the temperature down so as to prevent any damage. The sperm freezing process can take up to 3-4 hours.

    • Does Freezing sperm affect motility?
    Does Freezing sperm affect motility?

    The process of sperm freezing includes the analysing and selecting of sperms so that the best motile sperms are chosen for preservation. This results in higher sperm motility and viability of sperms. This affects or increases the chances of pregnancy since only the motile sperm are used in the fertility treatment.

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