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    Egg Freezing – Store your Eggs for Future

    Egg Freezing is the process that involves extracting and storing the woman’s eggs, so the same could be used for future pregnancy. It is called Oocyte Cryopreservation where the eggs of the woman are frozen and harvested, enabling the woman to make reproductive choices. It is a dream of every woman to start a family, but sometimes that needs to be postponed due to other priorities in their life. However, the biological health of a woman does not assure a healthy production of eggs, especially for women over 40. This way, preserving the eggs is the best way to assure pregnancy in future without comprising the current life situation.

    What is the procedure for Egg Freezing?

    The process of egg freezing involves the use of medications given to the woman to help stimulate the development and production of eggs. These eggs are then retrieved from the ovaries, and frozen and stored for future use. When the time for egg usage comes, the eggs are taken out, thawed, and combined with the sperm to aid fertilisation and the creation of an embryo. This embryo is then implanted into the woman’s uterus.

    Booking a Consultation

    Before you take the step to freeze your eggs, getting advice on the same is crucial. To know if egg freezing is the option for you, you can consult with the fertility experts at our centre. You will get a complete understanding of the steps that take place in the egg-freezing process, and your reproductive health will also be assessed to see if this is the right option for your condition. Given your reproductive health and circumstances, you will be given an honest assessment and probability of success for when you use the eggs in the future.

    Preparing for Egg Freezing

    Once you are found apt for the egg-freezing process, next our staff will acquaint you with the whole process that includes signing consent forms, and knowledge of all the medications that you will be given during the process. The procedure begins with hormonal injections given on day 2 of your cycle for two weeks. In the meantime, you will have to pay visits to the clinic for scanning of the development of eggs and monitoring the progress. When the follicles have grown to the appropriate size, then a trigger injection will be given, and the process of egg collection will be scheduled within the next 40 hours.

    Evaluating and Freezing Eggs

    When the time for egg collection comes, you will have to visit the clinic and will be taken to the egg retrieval process. This is a small surgical executed within 30 minutes approx. The patient is given intravenous sedation during this process so that they feel no pain during the process, however, a mild discomfort is unavoidable. During the whole process, you will be given expert care and can return home a few hours after the egg retrieval process is done.

    Freezing and Storing the Eggs

    The eggs are frozen and stored up until you ask for them to be taken out. When you decide that the time for you to get pregnant has come and need the stored eggs for the same, then you can visit the clinic. The frozen eggs will be taken out and thawed so that they can get ready for fertilisation. The eggs will then be combined with the sperms in a laboratory, leading to the formation of one or more embryos. The embryos will then be placed inside the woman’s uterus, and at last, pregnancy is awaited and confirmed after 12 days through tests.

    How to decide the number of eggs to freeze?

    While making the decision to freeze the eggs is easy, most women still remain uncertain as to the number of eggs that they should get stored. Also, the number of eggs to be stored is different for each patient, and arriving at that specific number is not easy. It’s only after consulting with our fertility experts that you can get clarity about the various facets involved in the egg-freezing treatment such as the number of cycles required, the number of eggs to be stored, etc.

    The graph given below depicts the average number of eggs collected, frozen, and stored from women of varying age groups by our fertility specialist – Dr. Nalini Gupta (Delfinium Fertility & IVF Centre)

    In the egg freezing process, it has been often observed that all the eggs collected during the retrieval are not mature, and thus, suitable for the purpose of freezing and storage. This creates a difference in the number of eggs collected and those that actually get frozen and stored. Have a look!

    Get Consulted for the Egg Freezing Process

    If you wish to get complete clarity of the egg freezing process, or whether it would be the right thing for you to freeze your eggs, then go ahead, and book a consultation with us. The only action you need to take is to consult with our fertility experts and the team that will take you through the whole process and solve any concerns you may have regarding the egg-freezing treatment. Give us a call at +91 9599754411, and get consulted via video call or voice call. You can also get your face-to-face meet-up scheduled to move quicker through the consultation process.

    Looking for Freeze Your Egg?

    Calculate Egg Freezing Cost


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