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IUI Treatment

What is Intrauterine Insemination?

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is the most direct yet simple fertility treatment performed with the aim to assist the sperm in inseminating the uterus. It is often the primary treatment to treat couples with unexplained fertility. It is a less-invasive treatment and is often the first treatment given to the patient dealing with infertility.

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    What Makes IUI Different?

    IUI treatment is different and minimally invasive as compared to other infertility treatments such as IVF. In this, the highest quality sperms are selected for injecting directly into the egg and thus, inviting higher chances of conception. The process of evaluating and selecting the sperm is done in the laboratory where the most motile sperm are identified for injection.

    The selected sperm cells are directly inserted into the uterus during her ovulation period. This allows the sperms to get near the egg and enhances the chances of fertilization. What makes this treatment different is that it removes the time it takes for the sperms to travel, and thus, facilitates the process of fertilisation.

    In the case of women, fertilisation can be further assisted with the use of fertility drugs. This medication help stimulate the ovaries to encourage them to produce more eggs, thus increasing the chances of fertilization. Also, ultrasound scans are carried out to evaluate the development of the follicles, and the hCG-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin injection is given at the predicted perfect timing that triggers ovulation. IUI treatment can be performed or in combination with other fertility treatments to increase the chances of success.

    Frequently Asked Questions About IUI Treatment

    • Is IUI a suitable treatment option?
    Is IUI a suitable treatment option?

    IUI is an advanced ART treatment and the suitability of this treatment depends on various factors. However, if you are wondering whether IUI is the best treatment to solve your infertility problem, then here are some infertility conditions where IUI treatment can help:

    1. Low sperm count or motility
    2. Ejaculation dysfunction
    3. Ovulation Problems
    4. Poor results using other fertility treatments
    5. Inability to have penetrative sex
    6. Hostile cervix or cervical scarring
    7. Unexplained infertility

    Also, if you are using donor sperms or frozen sperms, then IUI is the best treatment as it helps increase the chances of fertilization.

    • Are there any risks involved in IUI?
    Are there any risks involved in IUI?

    IUI is a minimally invasive treatment as compared to other fertility treatments, therefore, there are fewer risks involved. Also, your proper consultation with the fertility experts will help determine the degree of the risk involved, since the doctors can predict the risks better seeing your reproductive health. However, there could risk of multiple pregnancies resulting from the use of excess fertility medication, and the chances of the woman developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) in case the ovaries respond too well to the artificial stimulation. But all of it can be avoided if you get treated by reliable fertility experts that know how to protect their patients from potential risks.

    • Is IUI 100% Successful?
    Is IUI 100% Successful?

    No fertility treatment is ever 100% successful as there are always chances of it turning into a failure. So IUI does have lower chances of success as compared to IVF, given the simplicity of the treatment since fewer sperms are used for insertion. However, the treatment is less invasive and affordable. Also, the success rate of the treatment depends on the patient, the complexity of their infertility, the fertility drugs used, etc. A major factor that decides the success rate of the treatment is the fertility doctor or centre that the couple chooses for their IUI treatment.

    • How long does it take to get pregnant with IUI?
    How long does it take to get pregnant with IUI?

    Once the IUI treatment procedure is done, pregnancy tests are done on the patient to see if the pregnancy has occurred. So it takes at least 10-12 to take the pregnancy test, and the positive results of the test suggest that the IUI treatment is successful. It takes about two weeks for the patient to get pregnant with IUI.

    • Is the IUI procedure painful?
    Is the IUI procedure painful?

    IUI is a less invasive procedure that is mostly performed without anaesthesia or sedation. The patients may experience mild discomfort, pinching, or cramping when the catheter is passed through the cervix area. However, the discomfort is bearable and does not require pain medication.

    • Can we do IUI at home?
    Can we do IUI at home?

    IUI is an intricate fertility treatment and thus, should always be performed under the supervision and assistance of a fertility expert. However, the process may also be performed at home, if trained medical professionals are willing to execute the IUI treatment at the home of the patient under extreme care. But it is always advisable to get treated at a first-rate fertility clinic where all facilities are easily accessible and better treatment procedure is possible.

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